iNtuition iEMV - Universal Viewing

iNtuition iEMV - Universal Viewing

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Our iNtuition iEMV viewer can display many types of images. It can even do some pretty amazingly advanced things. As a leader in advanced visualization, you can trust that TeraRecon can deliver impressive capabilities, but we strive to make it simple, too. We have combined the convenience of anywhere-accessibility with a customizable user interface and multi-media support to deliver a universal viewer that can satisfy the needs of a wider range of physicians. With our innovative approaches to image management, we can save you money and get your organization image-enabled asap.

Advanced Medical Imaging Through a Morphable Viewer

EMR ready. Launch the viewer securely according to your preferences using published integrations.

Responsive design. Viewer adapts to various screen sizes.

Protocol Migration. Study protocols for Overlay PACS interpretation follow through to universal viewing.

Secure access. Both on and off of the EMR, and from within and outside the health organization.

Cache-less communications. Real-time and real fast connections to a compatible PACS or VNA.

Study timeline. We can put it all together for you in one organized timeline.

Integrated 3D. Incorporated volumetric navigation and restoration of 3D saved states.

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