Intravenous injection training simulator / arm S401 Gaumard

Intravenous injection training simulator / arm S401 Gaumard

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Besides delivering the capability of performing subcutaneous and intramuscular injections, the multi-use training arm offers all benefits that are offered by a traditional intravenous arm. Sanitary and secure learning and teaching experience for students and teachers calls for the implementation of this high-quality simulator. Besides, sufficient familiarity with the structure of human arm, along with expertise in medication administration and aseptic methodologies are facilitated by the product. Network of veins is quite clear, while it features ulnar, radial, antecubital, basilic and cephalic veins that are simulated. The lateral portion of the upper arm and the volar portion of the forearm are endowed with subcutaneous injection areas. The deltoid area consists of the intramuscular injection site. Dorsum of hand contains the veins. The tourniquet position and clenched fists, collapsed veins and the infusion technology undergo simulation, owing to the device. The simulated blood is subject to blood collection exercises. Intravenous bolus calls for administrating medication. Outer skin is released, along with veins. It generates a pragmatic “pop”, when needle is injected into the vein. Smoked Lucite® base has stand.
  • Anatomical form:arm
  • Procedure:intravenous injection
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