iNteract+ Interoperability Solution

iNteract+ Interoperability Solution

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Our iNteract+ interoperability solution works alongside iNtuition, providing the ability to include reports and other clinical content either side-by-side or from within various iNtuition medical image viewers. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems are often incomplete. They typically do not store the entire patient health record, especially when it comes to imaging. iNteract+ can help fill the gaps by indexing and displaying important clinical information about the imaging procedures being viewed. Sometimes, your imaging workflows extend to places where your EMR does not. iNteract+ provides a way for this image-centric information to become more readily available.


XDS registry. Provides clinical content awareness.
HL-7 ADT/ORM feed. Creates a patient index.
RIS integration. HL-7 Orders and study information is incorporated.

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