Insulin needle Pic Solution

Insulin needle Pic Solution
Pic Solution

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Insulin pen needles Insupen pen needles have the exclusive Pic Solution needle. With their reduced diameter, thinner walls and special lubricating treatment, Insupen pen needles guarantee a practically pain-free injection. Insupen pen needles comply with Type A EN ISO 11608-2:2000 and are therefore compatible with all insulin pens complying with this standard. The thinnest needle ever: 32G Sensitive. The thinnest, most pain-free Indolor needle, with an external diameter of 0.23 mm. Its thinner walls enable easier penetration and a high flow, ensuring an even more effective, pain-free treatment for diabetic patients. Insupen pen needles are available in three lengths: • short needle (6 mm) ideal for thin people or for paediatric use • medium needle (8 mm) ideal for people of normal build • long needle (12 mm) ideal for people with thick subcutaneous tissue and available in 4 diameters: 29G 30G 31G and 32G
  • Application:insulin
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