Infusion warmer Level 1® H-1200 Smiths Medical

Infusion warmer Level 1® H-1200 Smiths Medical
Level 1® H-1200

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The Level 1 H-1200 Fast Fluid Warmer is essential in every emergency clinical setting. When blood loss occurs during surgery or from trauma, the introduction of cold fluids can increase the risk of infection, or delay recovery. With the fluid warmer, this will not occur. It utilizes an integrated Air Detector/Clamp to stop the flow of blood when air is detected, allowing the medical staff the ability to remove the air without detaching from the patient. There are a variety of disposable sets that are for use in different clinical applications. The Level 1 H-1200 safely provides 300 mmHG pressure for constant, rapid infusion. It features an aluminum heat exchanger, transferring the heat much more rapidly than a plastic heat exchanger, ensuring that the blood and IV fluids received by the patient are normothermic. In addition, the on/off toggle switch aids in quick and easy pressurizing of the chambers.
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