Implantable cardiac stimulator Vitatron G20 SR Vitatron

Implantable cardiac stimulator Vitatron G20 SR Vitatron
Vitatron G20 SR

Vitatron G20 SR, at the completion of the 30 minute Implant Detection period, Rate Profile Optimization is enabled; the appropriate pacing and sensing polarities are naturally selected by the device; Ventricular Output Management is enabled and Amplitude and Pulse Width become adaptive. Cardiac Dashboard II is a highlights significant events, AT/AF and pacing summary, threshold and impedance trends. AT/AF compass trends data compiles up to 6 months of daily clinical information in an easy to interpret graphic format and access to AT/AF diagnostics. P wave/R wave amplitudes and approach to A and V sensitivity trends. It provide heart rate histograms reports. Number of hours/day in atrial arrhythmia, percentage of time. Atrial and ventricular lead impedance trends. Pacing summary and approach to rate histogram. t has ventricular pacing threshold trends.
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