iLA activve kits

iLA activve kits
Long-term lung support

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Developed for long-term lung support - approved for 29 days of use

Elementary features:
• Proven reliability and safety
• Certified for 29 days application period
• Matching pump sizes for ¼ "" or 3/8"" tubing
• x.ellence, a multi-layer coating for stable bio- and hemocompatible surfaces
• Fine adjustments of the flow rate possible

Available in three different sizes:
• iLA activve MiniLung petite kit
• iLA activve MiniLung kit
• iLA activve XLung kit"


For your information: Not all products are cleared or available for sale in all countries. For further information on country-specific regulations, please contact your local Xenios AG representative. 

Also, this information is not intended for an audience within the USA. If your are from the USA, please visit the corresponding Fresenius Medical Care website here

o    iLA activve MiniLung petite kit
o    iLA activve MiniLung kit
o    iLA activve iLA kit
o    iLA activve XLung kit

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