Wearable vital signs monitor / ambulatory / wireless Metria™ Vancive

Wearable vital signs monitor / ambulatory / wireless Metria™ Vancive

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Metria IH1 is a disposable lifestyle assessment system that collects and reports multiple parameters for health, fitness and wellness purposes. Metria IH1 is not intended for monitoring or treating a disease or other medical condition. Technology The Metria IH1 has multiple embedded sensors including a 3-axis accelerometer, Galvanic Skin Response, and 2 temperature sensors (near body and skin). These sensors collect over 5,000 readings from the body every minute, measuring the user’s motion, skin temperature, heat flux and galvanic skin reponse (a sweat-related measurement). Data is stored in the device’s memory until the data is extracted and analyzed. How It Works STEP ONE: Wear your device (upper left arm) STEP TWO: Activate and collect information STEP THREE: Sync and visualize your data A sync software application must be downloaded to enable data extraction from the device. Metria IH1 has a built-in USB port. Upon completion of the wear period, the device can be connected to a PC or Mac via the USB cable (included). The sync software extracts and uploads the data for further analyses and visualization. Technical Information DEVICE Size: 112 mm x 66 mm (4.4 in x 2.5 in) Weight: 13 g (0.4 oz) Ambient Operating Temperature: 10° C - 32° C (50° F - 89.6° F) Water Resistance: IPx7 (splash proof, limited immersion) Battery Life: 7 days for data collection and 28 days for data retention STORAGE AND SHELF LIFE Storage: 4° C - 27° C (39° F - 81° F) Shelf Life: 2 years SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Operating System: PC or Intel® based Mac® computer with USB port Software: Windows XP® (32 bit), Windows Vista® or Windows 7® (32 & 64 bit),
  • Applications:ambulatory
  • Other characteristic:wireless
  • Configuration:wearable