Vital sign telemonitoring iOS application Tactio Health Group

Vital sign telemonitoring iOS application Tactio Health Group
Tactio Health Group

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Track your weight Your body weight is only one of multiple measures you need to understand. Now you can see clearly with more indicators such as Body Fat, Waist Size, Body Mass Index and Waist-to-Height ratio. With charts and stats at your fingertip, see it all clearly. Track your BP Track your Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure, and Resting Heart Rate. TactioHealth computes your Mean Arterial Pressure, Cardio-Vascular Health Risk and even your Cardiac Age. Track your Active Livestyle Live an active lifestyle and live connected. It’s fun, addictive and so good for your body. Get a Fitbit Tracker and see your steps daily. Go running with RunKeeper as your coach and see each activity add up in your history automatically. It’s so easy, and best of all, no data entry! Electronic Health Take a shower in the morning and weigh yourself: Weight data goes in. Dress for the day wearing your Activity Tracker: Steps go right in during the day. Get reminded about your calories just before lunch. Take a BP reading at the office: BP and Pulse go right in. Your lifestyle data goes in, no typing. Just follow instructions as they pop up, personalized.
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