Urinary drainage set 0.025 - 2 L Pacific Hospital Supply

Urinary drainage set 0.025 - 2 L Pacific Hospital Supply
0.025 - 2 L

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Urinary Drainage Bag acts as a reservoir bag that is attached to the exit end of the catheter to collect the out flow of urine that can be drained out and disposed later. It often used in hospitals and in home situations where an individual may be suffering from chronic illness or conditions that make regular trips to the bathroom unfeasible. Features/Benefits Compact System minimises the risk for contamination from the floor. Special Contour Shape for even filling & complete drainage of urine. Manufactured from Extra Strong Transparent Sheeting to provide clear vision of the urine color. Bag with Measuring Volume from 25 ml and scaled in 100 ml increments up to 2000 ml capacity. Large Lumen, Smooth and Kink Resistant Tubing is easy to milk and ensure unrestricted flow of urine. Inlet Tube in 150 cm Long with Optimum Hardness permits quick drainage without kinking problem. Tapered Connector facilitates the immediate leak-proof connection of catheter with the drainage set. Air Vent secures constant airflow through the system. Needle Free Sampling Port protects nurses from needle stick injuries for contamination prevention and facilitates easy aseptic mid stream urine sampling. Non-return Valve prevents residual urine backflow.
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