Ultrasonic dental scaler / handpiece XO Odontogain XO CARE

Ultrasonic dental scaler / handpiece XO Odontogain XO CARE
XO Odontogain

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XO Odontogain is a scaler system specifically aimed at treating periodontal disease. The treatment provided by XO Odontogain is an alternative to flap surgery. The system comprises: XO Odontoson Peristaltic pump Control box The system may also be used as a general purpose scaler. Avoid flap surgery and obtain equally good results It is scientifically proven that sub-gingival debridement using XO Odontogain, and sub-gingival flushing with a 0.1 % solution of PVP-Iodine, results in healing and repair of the periodontal tissue. When you use the same technique during maintenance care, this treatment will result in shallow pockets and stablized periodontal attachment. You prevent recurrence of the disease.