Pneumatic ventilator / emergency / transport Ambulanc

Pneumatic ventilator / emergency / transport Ambulanc

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1, Compact design for easy transportation, which is ideal for emergency transportation. 2, Ventilation function: Work pressure: 2.7-- 6 bar, Uses high-pressure medical oxygen, the flow rate is not less than 70l/min as source gas. The ventilation settings are continuously variable. These settings (frequency and volume per minute are coupled) and the inspiration/expiration ratio of 1:1.67 are regulated by internal electronic control mechanisms. 3, Demand flow function: The Demand flow setting switches the AII6000A to demand flow mode. Such inhalation must be carried out with the respiration mask. A small inspiration (trigger) pulse causes oxygen to continue flowing. When start breathes, the gas flow will stop, and exhaust exhaled gases through respiratory discharge valve 4, Patient valve Used to connect patients with respiratory masks and breathing gas path of the device will be inhaled through the respiratory valve gas delivery to patients. The valve is designed to enable spontaneous breathing in the event of failure of the AII6000A 5, Audio response The device has an audio response facility that can be switched on for user guidance, especially for users who have little practice. If audio response is not required, a key combination can be used to switch it off
  • Type:pneumatic
  • Application:emergency, transport
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