Novalung kits

Novalung kits
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Safe - Integrated pressure sensors (IPS) elevate your patients’ safety to the next level.
Simple - Priming of the preconfigured kit requires just one person.
Fast - Pump-driven priming in only two minutes.
Elementary features:
• Certified for 29 days application period
• Matching pump sizes for ¼ " or 3/8" tubing
• x.ellence, a multi-layer coating for stable bio- and hemocompatible surfaces
• Two different sizes and three different configurations for the full range of extracorporeal respiratory support from efficient CO2 removal to full oxygenation

Available in two different sizes and three different configurations adapted to your patients’ needs:
·         Novalung MiniLung kit 1/4”
·         Novalung MiniLung kit 3/8”
·         Novalung XLung kit

You can choose the compatible kit for neonates, children and adults. As funnel-shaped tubes are no longer needed to connect different tubing diameters, blood flow through the patient kit is more homogeneous with less turbulences. The x.ellence coating is a special multilayer coating which enables long-term use with an approval for use of up to 29 days.

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