Microwave diathermy unit (physiotherapy) / on trolley BRAINLIFE Zamar Therapy

Microwave diathermy unit (physiotherapy) / on trolley BRAINLIFE Zamar Therapy

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herapeutic hypothermia with ZAMAR BRAINLIFE Induction Brainlife makes it possible to quickly and effectively reach the target temperature. The program is preset by the doctor (temperature target, duration, etc.) while the process is executed completely automatically. Maintenance This is the phase where the internal temperature is maintained from the beginning of cooling for all the length of the treatment. Brainlife guarantees temperature stability for the entire duration of the required treatment, with changes less than 0.1°C through constant control and adjustment of the temperature managed by feedback systems. Heating The heating speed must be between 0.25 and 0.5°C per hour until normothermia is reached (36.5°C). Brainlife makes it possible to manage the heating phase by maintaining the temperature increment between 0.20° and 0.50°, through computerised, automatic management of the information coming from the feedback systems until normothermia is reached. Monitoring internal temperature Continuous, reliable monitoring of the internal temperature is fundamental: Brainlife is equipped with an ear probe for continuous control of the tympanum temperature; continuous monitoring of the temperature permits management of the control unit via software. The tympanum temperature accurately reflects the cerebral and epidural temperature, it is not invasive and is easy to measure. However, Brainlife has adaptors
  • Type:microwave diathermy unit
  • Ergonomics:on trolley
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