iLA activve kits

iLA activve kits
Long-term lung support

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Developed for long-term lung support - approved for 29 days of use

Elementary features:
• Proven reliability and safety
• Certified for 29 days application period
• Matching pump sizes for ¼ "" or 3/8"" tubing
• x.ellence, a multi-layer coating for stable bio- and hemocompatible surfaces
• Fine adjustments of the flow rate possible

Available in three different sizes:
• iLA activve MiniLung petite kit
• iLA activve MiniLung kit
• iLA activve XLung kit"

o    iLA activve MiniLung petite kit
o    iLA activve MiniLung kit
o    iLA activve iLA kit
o    iLA activve XLung kit

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