CNAP® Monitor for hemodynamic monitoring

CNAP® Monitor for hemodynamic monitoring

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The CNAP® Monitor represents the next generation of noninvasive patient monitoring by merging the advantages of noninvasive, risk‐free methods with the benefits of continuity in the same accuracy as invasive standards.

The advanced parameter set enables complete hemodynamic assessment ‐ all from the unique CNAP® sensor and beat‐to‐beat:

> noninvasive
> easy‐to‐use
> cost ‐effective

Applicable in various medical fields, wherever continuous information is required, but invasive methods are not indicated.

Complete Hemodynamics:

> Continuous noninvasive blood pressure signals, waveform and trend view  calibrated
> Cardiac Output
> Vascular resistance

Dynamic Fluid Management:

>Pulse Pressure Variation (PPV)
>Stroke Volume Variation (SVV)

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