Atmospheric breast pump Diffusion Technique Francaise

Atmospheric breast pump Diffusion Technique Francaise
Diffusion Technique Francaise

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Ergonomic atmospheric breast-pump. A collecting bottle can be screwed with standard baby nipples, in order to avoid any milk transfer. A 1-meter long tube enables pumping in a relaxed position with the bulb action hand staying in a low position. A very gentle rubber bulb enables an effortless pumping. Technical Details Composed of: - a polycarbonate breast funnel, - a 120 ml graduated and unbreakable collecting bottle, - a transparent tube, - a rubber bulb. Cleaning and sterilization in boiling water or with cold sterilizing solutions.
19, rue de la Presse,
42000 Saint-Etienne Cedex 1, France, P.O. Box 60132, 42003 Saint-Etienne Cedex 1
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