Hyperventilation mask / facial / PVC Asid Bonz

Hyperventilation mask / facial / PVC Asid Bonz
Asid Bonz

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Hyperventilation mask made from medical PVC Hyperventilation refers to an unnatural increase in breathing rate for mostly psychological reasons. As a result there is an increased exhalation of CO?. Although the CO? level drops and the pH value increases, there is no reduction in the breathing rate of hyperventilating patients, as would be the case in a “healthy” person with physiologically intact regulation of breathing rate. Hyperventilation can be treated or interrupted by rebreathing into a closed bag using a special mask. The oxygen still available in the exhaled air (~ 17%) is sufficient for respiration. Inhaling the air you have exhaled leads to an increase in the CO? inhaled and a successive increase in the CO? level, which finally interrupts this cycle. Inhaling from the bag should be briefly interrupted approximately every 30 seconds to prevent hypoxia. Individual clinically clean packaging, non-sterile Latex-free Shelf life: 5 years
  • Applications:hyperventilation
  • Material:PVC