Human external fixation system / wrist Pennig Orthofix

Human external fixation system / wrist Pennig Orthofix

Product description For more that one in the distal radius fractures. The Pennig II Wrist Fixator is a highly stable, lightweight fixator for distal radius fractures, with double ball-joints that allow fracture reduction in all planes with the fixator applied. Features & Benefits The wrist joint can be mobilized without displacement of fracture fragments. Extra-Articular applications allow unrestricted motion from day one and improved patient function during treatment with preserved volar tilt. Surgeon Benefits Cam design indicates locking position Strong double ball-joint matched to radial carpal anatomy for easy fracture reduction in all planes and for early mobilization of wrist joint if desidered Double-ball joint design for ease of reduction allows visualization of fracture at reduction and follow up improved range of motion and patient function during the treatment Radiolucent Extra-articular module for fracture visualization Ulna outrigger for ulnar instability Variable pin placement in the distal fragment.
  • Patient type: : human
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