HPLC chromatography detector / conductometric 432 Waters Ges.m.b.H

HPLC chromatography detector / conductometric 432 Waters Ges.m.b.H

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The Waters 432 Conductivity Detector features a multi-electrode flow cell that offers exceptional stability and sensitivity for chemically-suppressed or single-column ion chromatography. With auto zero and auto ranging capabilities, the 432 Detector gives chemists automatic conductivity range selection and the freedom of unattended operation. The 432 Detector can operate stand-alone module or as part of an LC system. Features: High sensitivity and stability due to multi-electrode, temperature-controlled flow cell Patented 5 electrode flow cell design eliminates noise from the background eluent typically seen with 2 electrode flow cell designs Reduced flow path volume for narrow-bore applications Increased operational uptime with self-diagnostics Autorange ensures a precise conductivity base range Integrated leak sensors
  • Type:HPLC
  • Technology:conductometric
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