Histological biopsy needle COXY-RAM RI.MOS

Histological biopsy needle COXY-RAM RI.MOS

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Disposable coaxial injection needle with a Trocar tip used in case of multiple biopsies and single push, and for TAC procedures. The cannula and the mandrel trocar tip was designed in order to make the tissue penetration as less traumatic as possible. The needle cannula is centimeter marked in order to make the procedure as precise as possible. An echogenic marker is placed on the distal part of the cannula. By using an ultrasonic machine, the marker enables the needle to be constantly seen during the whole procedure. A color code is meant to help the user to identify the device diameter; this code is recognized on international level. Used with a related istological biopsy needle with finer diameter, it allows multiple accesses to the biopsy site with a single puncture causing less trauma to the patient. Designed to be used with following RIMOS biopsy needles or equivalent: UNIRAM-P / UNIRAM-M / MULTY-RAM / SPEEDY-RAM (remember to remove the stopper on the devices, by sliding it off their cannula). Please specify what biopsy needle (gauge & length) will be associated with COXY-RAM when you place the order.
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