Hemoglobin analyzer HG-202 Apel

Hemoglobin analyzer HG-202 Apel

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FEATURES ? Bright Intensity LED -High efficiency and bright intensity LED is adopted as the light source, therefore it is sensitive and is not nesessary to be changed. ? Flexible power source Power source regulator stabilizes at wide range of AC from 100 to 240V automatically. ? Easy reading of digital indicator Bright 3 1/2-digit LED shows measuring result in digital form to avoid wrong reading in any circumstances. ? Easy and low-cost preparation Built-in check filter enables easy and simple adjustment of standard concentration value for quick preparation of the measurement which saves your time and expense. ? Simple operation Simple operation procedure enables anybody to be accustomed to measure accurate hemoglobin  concentration easily at any time. ? Square and Round cuvette usable In addition to square cuvettes round cuvette  can also be used only by fitting out with a supplied adapter. ? Smaller sample volume Minimum sample volume is 1.0ml.
Angyouryou Negishi, 951
Kawaguchi, Saitama
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