Halogen light source / endoscope / cold Fibrolux 150 OPTOMIC ESPAÑA

Halogen light source / endoscope / cold Fibrolux 150 OPTOMIC ESPAÑA
Fibrolux 150

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The production of the OPTOMIC microscope follows the strictest quality standards and takes advantage of the latest mechanical and optical technology. Its mechanical systems are very precise and guarantee accurate and smooth movements. It has a light structure, making it easy to maneuver. It can be placed easily during examination and surgery. Its cold light illumination via its fiber optic cable and high light transmission optics make it perfect for work in deep fields where luminosity and excellent resolution are required. Apart from the quality of its optic systems, it is also incorporated with specific Multilayer Anti-reflex treatments that deliver images that are chromatically natural. It has a stereoscopic head with micrometric focus. Depending on configuration, binocular can be straight or inclined 45 degrees. Moreover, it features coaxial cold light illumination system via the objective. It has a double 150W halogen lamp that comes with a cooling system.
  • Light source:halogen
  • Application:endoscope
  • Characteristics of light:cold
Madroño 4F. Pol. Ind. La Mina,
Colmenar Viejo
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