Guiding introducer Agilis EPI™ St. Jude Medical

Guiding introducer Agilis EPI™ St. Jude Medical
Agilis EPI™

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The Agilis EPI Steerable Introducer has been designed to be used on the epicardial covering of the heart. This product from St. Jude helps doctors in gaining access even to parts of the heart that are difficult to reach. It also provides better control in EP proceedings. This device has not only enhanced the range but has also built the reliability and quality of the brand. Its small curl provides stability and access in and around the cardiac surface. A softer shaft has been specifically developed for the device to ensure more flexibility during epicardial procedures. Its shaft is braided as well, which leads to increased manipulation as well as stability. Another striking feature of this equipment is its atraumatic tip, which decreases the stress in the epicardiac space. Where as its auto lock system decreases the potential for recoiling and maintains the catheter placement. The bi-directional steering regulation mechanism helps in adjusting fine movements and reaching the desired location in the heart.
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