Grooming dryer portable IM3 NIZEGUY iM3

Grooming dryer portable IM3 NIZEGUY iM3

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A Professional Groomer The iM3 NizeGuy high velocity Dryer is a unique 2-speed forced air dryer. It is used to rapidly dry many types of animals. The NizeGuy dryer is CE approved and meets or exceeds Australia, NZ and European Electrical and Emission Standards. The Dryer may be mounted on the wall or can sit on a shelf. It is operated by a non electrical (air) foot switch and is protected by a fuse. The powerful 240 Volt 1400 Watt motor will strip water from the animals coat whilst also removing loose hair. It will dry in approximately half the time of a stand dryer, using the force of the air to drive the water out of the coat rather than a heating element. Designed to meet the needs of the Veterinary profession and Groomers. The NizeGuy Dryer is reliable, safe (for user & animal) and is the only dryer designed to be used right at the wash tub. A professional groomer had this to say about the Nizeguy dryer after a 6 months trial: -Electrical safety is so much better -Foot control (air operated) makes it safer around water -More versatile - you can move around without having to move the Dryer - 3 metre hose and 3 metre foot pedal (air switch, non electric) -Reliable - it does not cut out, you turn it on and it works -High air flow dries quicker -Preferred for use on large dog breeds
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