Germicidal lamp / UV / on casters / with fan NBVE 110/55 P Ultraviol

Germicidal lamp / UV / on casters / with fan NBVE 110/55 P Ultraviol
NBVE 110/55 P

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TECHNICAL DATA power supply: 230 V 50 Hz power requirement: 145 VA element emits uv-c radiation: 2 x TUV55W external UV-C direct radiation bulb: 1xTUV55W radiation uv-c intensity at the distance of 1 m : 150 µW / cm2 bulb service lamp : 8000 h ventilator capacity: 199 m3 / h cubage of desinfected room: 45-90 m3 effective area of the lamp: 18-36 m2 class of protect. against electric shock.: I cover type : IP 20 dome dimensions : 1125 x 285 x 130 mm dimensions: 600 x 1740 x 600 mm mass: 14 kg Description: UV-C flow germicidal lamp with the external direct radiation UV-C bulb switched on in people absence (no counter of working time) operating theatres, treatment rooms, delivery hall energy savings for one lamp depending on its type can be estimated at the total amount between 25 - 40 EUR NBVE flow germicidal lamp disinfects the air in the staff and patients presences air stream goes through the chamber equipped with UV-C bulbs high level of air disinfection guaranteed effectiveness confirmed by the audits in the microbiology laboratory destination: operating theatres ,labs, rooms of parties, waiting-rooms, corridors , every place where high degree of miscrobiology cleanness is required
  • Configuration:on casters
  • Type:germicidal, UV
  • Options and accessories:with fan
Stepowizna 34,
95-100 Zgierz
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