Foot prosthesis (lower extremity) / dynamic / silicone / polycentric 1D35 Dynamic Motion Ottobock

Foot prosthesis (lower extremity) / dynamic / silicone / polycentric 1D35 Dynamic Motion Ottobock
1D35 Dynamic Motion

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Natural gait provides the pattern for the 1D35 Dynamic Motion prosthetic foot. Its primary feature is progressive ankle moment in mid-stance phase, which enables a physiological rollover and easy gait. Its optimized a-p and m-l mobility and comfortable heel strike with noticeable plantar flexion are additional advantages. Relief for the Contralateral Side Due to the special characteristics of the plastic spring combined with functional foam and an integrated 3D liner, the Dynamic Motion excels at returning energy. It is designed to provide a dynamic transition from stance to swing phase as well as adapting to torsion movements. Superb design means the contralateral side is efficiently relieved. The result is a smooth and natural rollover. The foot adapts to uneven surfaces, since the shape and flexibility of the spring make multiaxial movements possible. From a biomechanical perspective, the advantages of the 1D35 are readily apparent. The characteristics of the ankle moment demonstrate a smooth rollover which closely resembles the natural, physiological pattern. Even during heel strike, when measuring the initial maximum ground reaction force, only very small differences between the prosthetic foot and sound foot are apparent.
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