Fixed-size emergency cervical collar / 1-piece MB/s-m-l-xl Biomatrix

Fixed-size emergency cervical collar / 1-piece MB/s-m-l-xl Biomatrix

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Cervical collars are padded and reinforced polyethylene material and rubber for a comfortable immobilization. Velcro closure. DIRECTIONS: Pain and suffering due to long terms stays, overloads and tensions, stiff neck, ecc. Assist in cases of pain due to stress and cervical distortions; Help to prevent flexion or extension of the cervical wrong; Assist in cases of long term stays in a sitting position, as in the car, office, ecc.; In these cases cervical collars reduce and relieve symptoms. CONTROINDICATIONS: It is better not to use during sleep WASHING DIRECTIONS: Hand wash in cold water with mild soap. Squeeze and dry at room temperature. Do not machine wash. Do not expose to high temperature.
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