Fall protection mat 462 Pelican Manufacturing Pty Ltd

Fall protection mat 462 Pelican Manufacturing Pty Ltd

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Item # 462 * Waterproof Heat Sealed Cover - Wipe or Hose clean * For patients who cannot walk, or who climb over bedrails, and then fall * Reflective Tape on edge to warn staff * Supplied with a laminated Warning Sign * Three layers of Special Foam inside make it firm enough to walk on, but soft enough to reduce impact of the fall * Also available: Item 462S with Waterproof Cover but sewn together - not heat sealed. Some patients climb over bed rails, fall to the ground and are injured. A way to help avoid injury is to lower the bed as much as possible and place the Bed Fall Mat next to the bed, so if the patient gets out of bed, then they will have a soft surface to fall on. It may help if the bed is placed next to the wall or if only one bed rail is raised, so the patient will then get out of bed on the side where the bed rail is removed. We recommend completely removing the bed rail, rather than simply lowering it. By leaving the rail in the lower position the patient may hurt themselves against the rail whilst falling. The Bed Fall Mats are made of two layers of hard foam, with a sandwich of soft foam between the layers. This is designed to make them firm enough to walk on, but still able to protect the patient when they fall. A laminated warning card is supplied to inform staff that the Mat is in position, and this can be displayed in a prominent place. During the day the Bed Fall Mat can be folded up and stored behind the bed head. People can fall in a variety of different ways. Pelican Manufacturing Pty Ltd make no express or implied guarantee that a patient will not sustain an injury.
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