Eyeglass centering system (eyeglass assembling) Visioffice Essilor instruments

Eyeglass centering system (eyeglass assembling) Visioffice Essilor instruments

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Essilor brings to you the Visioffice System which is an ‘all in one’ measuring system. It allows opticians to accurately obtain every parameter required for modern premium lenses, including Varilux Ipseo New Edition and Varilux Physio 2.0 f-360. The new introduction, Visioffice with Eyecode encompasses a unique measurement called Eyecode that allows further lens personalisation by measuring the Eye Rotation Centre (ERC). The Visioffice System is precise, quick and provides accurate results that are free of the parallax effects and measures within 0.1mm for distance measurements i.e. PDs, Vertex distance and the nearest degree for angles i.e. pantoscopic tilt and wrap angle. The Visioffice System is a powerful sales tool and will help you demonstrate and compare products with your patients. It will enhance your business by helping you showcase your practice’s advanced professionalism.
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