Evacuation sheet 220P Pelican Manufacturing Pty Ltd

Evacuation sheet 220P Pelican Manufacturing Pty Ltd

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Item # 220P For emergency evacuation of non-ambulant patients. SWL 300kg* The ResQmat can be stored in a cupboard or with other emergency equipment. It can be taken to a patient if an emergency evacuation is needed, particularly in a multi-storey building when lifts cannot be used in case of a fire. To Use: Take the ResQmat to the patient. Remove the strap that is around the ResQmat and un-fold the ResQmat. These are only some suggested ways of getting the patient onto the ResQmat. Your manual handling advisor may have a better suggestion for this task. When putting the patient on top of the ResQmat, place their head on the pillow with their shoulders close to the edge of the pillow. The oversize pillow is to protect the patient’s head when going around corners. If the patient is in bed, ‘log roll’ the patient to place the ResQmat under them. It is better to place the side of the ResQmat with the soft Velcro under the patient. If the side with the Red Shortening Strap is tucked in first under the patient the Red Shortening Strap may catch underneath the patient.
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