Evacuation sheet 220Mx series Pelican Manufacturing Pty Ltd

Evacuation sheet 220Mx series Pelican Manufacturing Pty Ltd
220Mx series

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Item # 220M - $215 (Complete with Board & Pillow) We highly recommend ordering with the Pillow Item # 220MB - $202 (Board Only, no Pillow) Item # 220MPO - $28 (Pillow Only, no Board) Design Application Number 14534 / 2011 SWL 200kg* The ResQme is an evacuation board designed to help evacuate non-ambulant people or people who may not be able to walk down stairs in an emergency. It can be used for children to adults 6 foot 6 inches (198cm.) tall. In any building over two storeys high, if there is a power failure or a fire, the electricity is turned off and the lifts or elevators then cannot be used. It is difficult and probably impossible, for people in wheelchairs or using Zimmer Frames or walking sticks, to walk down stairs. The ResQme can be used in office buildings, theatres, libraries, hospitals, schools, etc. Even if a handicapped person does not work in the building, a handicapped visitor could be in the building when there is a power failure or fire, and they will not be able to use the stairs to evacuate. When not in use, the ResQme can hang from a hook or be stored in a cupboard, ready to use when an evacuation is necessary. The ResQme is slippery. Do not step into or stand on it. Keep it away from children. Have regular training from a Manual Handling Advisor on how to use the ResQme as part of the emergency evacuation education. After training, with someone already on the floor, it should take about 1 minute 25 seconds to start pulling them to safety.
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