Epicondylitis strap (orthopedic immobilization) AM-SL-01 Reh4Mat

Epicondylitis strap (orthopedic immobilization) AM-SL-01 Reh4Mat

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Elbow support belonging to the CUBITI STABILIZER group is made of ACTiVSPACE material. This innovative technology enables the air chamber located in the band control of the pressure applied on the muscles and tendons with epicondylitis. The pressure is evenly spread on the forearm. Characteristics It removes stress form the muscles of the forearm and hand in the area of the ulnar joint. Especially useful in sport and work enables faster comeback to professional activity or training. When to use the support: In pain of the ulnar joint due to injury, in overstress and inflammation, in degenerative changes.
  • Type:epicondylitis strap
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