ENT surgery handpiece / straight OSSEOSTAP Bien-Air Dental

ENT surgery handpiece / straight OSSEOSTAP Bien-Air Dental

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The OSSEOSTAP handpiece is made for micro-shaping in operations of the middle ear, stapedotomy and ossiculoplasty. It has a small size and lightweight. It only weighs 60 g without the cable. The motor is brushless and sensorless. The front tip is reinforced and curved. Also, its speed is variable and can reach 12,000 rpm. A complete line of carbide and diamond burs from 0.5 to 2.3 mm are available. The OSSEOSTAP is controllable using the OSSEODUO control unit with 1.20 or higher software version or the OSSEOSTAP foot control unit. The foot control unit is small and light at only 1.1 kg. It is operated by battery using 8 times standard LR6 / AA batteries. It is also easy to set up and operate. It is extremely precise and reliable.
  • Configuration:straight
  • Application domain:ENT surgery
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