Endoscopy video column RIWOmobil Richard Wolf

Endoscopy video column RIWOmobil Richard Wolf

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If you are looking for a complete system that is easy to use and will help you obtain the best results, look no further than the Logic HD. This complete system was designed with new features that make Logic HD easier to use than ever before. For instance, the user no longer has to implement any of the settings manually. The are preinstalled application profiles that have each been tested in clinical settings, and are ready for you to select quickly, making it versatile and adaptable to meet the needs of any surgical situation. In addition, it boasts new digital camera heads, and thanks to the dialog function, automatic control of the light source through the camera is possible. You will also benefit from the intelligent LED light sources, efficient fiber light guides, and high quality monitors. The monitors - in combination with the dialog - have the ability to display important parameters of interactive unites empowered for dialog. Furthermore, the Logic HD features advanced eyeMAX endoscopes with Chip-on-the-Tip technology. This is truly a masterpiece that no surgical individual should do without.
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