Endoscopy irrigation pump T-PUMP HYS OPTEC Endoscopy Systems GmbH

Endoscopy irrigation pump T-PUMP HYS OPTEC Endoscopy Systems GmbH

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The new T-Pump HYS combines several features long considered necessary in a pump used for hysteroscopy. Non-contacting pressure measurement The pressure measuring system has been integrated in the tubing set, thereby ensuring that the medium is absolutely sterile. Blockage or contamination of the pressure sensors is also ruled out. The pump is supplied optionally with a re-usable silicone tubing set or a disposable PVC tubing set (packaged sterile). Insertion of the tubing set has been greatly simplified. High-performance pump The maximum flow rate of the pump is continuously adjustable between 0-500 ml/min. The intrauterine pressure can also be adjusted continuously between 10-200 mm HG. The electronic control maintains the preset values exactly. Intelligent leak compensation If a leak occurs the intrauterine pressure decreases. The T-Pump HYS recognizes the drop in the pressure and immediately restores the nominal pressure. The high flow rate of up to 500 ml/min is an advantage in this respect. The preselected maximum pressure is not exceeded.
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