Endoscope washer-disinfector 90 °C | EW 2 Steelco

Endoscope washer-disinfector 90 °C | EW 2 Steelco
90 °C | EW 2

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The Steelco EW 2 is made with a flexible body that can comply with ISO 15883-1 and ISO 15883-4 standards. This runs all washing and disinfecting controls to enhance the total functionality of what's used here. This is also made with support for two flexible endoscopes at once. This disinfecting tool has a body that can work with up to eight instruments at a time depending on the sizes and layouts of the items. Even rigid scopes may be adjusted as needed. The double door design may be used with one single door if needed. This is made with a strong height and can handle different endoscopes with a sterile air channel setup that can be purged before every cycle is to work.
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