Endoscope warmer OPTEC Endoscopy Systems GmbH

Endoscope warmer OPTEC Endoscopy Systems GmbH
OPTEC Endoscopy Systems GmbH

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A common problem during laparoscopic procedures is the fogging of the telescopes which makes laparoscopy unsafe and time consuming. T-Heat the new Scope warmer from OPTEC is the perfect solution for this problem. T-Heat pre-warms telescopes to body temperature and keeps them fog-free. This efficient Scope warmer is easy to use and is activated in a moment without the need of electrical connections or saline solutions. T-Heat eliminates the need for chemical gels or wipes. It retains heat throughout long laparoscopic procedures, thus ending repeated scope cleansing and defogging. Your Advantage · Fog-free Laparoscopes for a safer procedure · Quick and easy to use - one click heats up the scope warmer · No electricity, solutions or gels · Time saving · Reduces risk of costly lens scratching · Accommodates all sizes and length of laparoscopes · Secondary laparoscope is heated while the first one is in use Order Information Disposable, single use Individually packed in sterile pouches Simple “Click to heat” activation Warms up to 2 laparoscopes
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