Endoscope swab PULL THRU™ Medivators

Endoscope swab PULL THRU™ Medivators

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If you are a United States customer and are interested in more information please click here. For sales in Europe and Asia-Pacific, please contact your local Medivators Distributor for availability. The PULL THRU™ is a new patented endoscope channel pre-cleaning device which can be effectively used to pre-clean lumen channels from size 2.8mm - 5mm with a single pass. The Mini PULL THRU™ is designed to effectively pre-clean bronchoscopes and small channel GI Endoscopes with lumen channel sizes 1.4mm - 2.6mm. The PULL THRU™ was designed to significantly reduce the time required to manually pre-clean the lumen and to improve the overall efficiency of the pre cleaning process. The PULL THRU is disposable, which removes the need for complicated cleaning & sterilization procedures of traditional brushes. Traditional brushing methods require endoscope channel to be traumatically and repeatedly brushed. Over a period this mechanical brushing technique creates microscopic crevices on the internal channel walls. Contaminated particles left behind lodge in the newly formed crevices, making the cleaning process less effective. Also with a passage of time, this continuous and constant abuse damages the endoscope, requiring expensive maintenance cost and downtime.
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