Endodontic file SybronEndo

Endodontic file SybronEndo

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imageIn 2008, SybronEndo introduced the most advanced endodontic NiTi file on the market with our patented Twisted Files (TF). TF combines three proprietary processes to deliver unsurpassed strength and flexibility. Using our R-Phase heat treatment technology, TF optimizes the strength and flexibility of NiTi, creating a highly durable and flexible file. TF cutting flutes are created by twisting the file, not grinding, eliminating micro fractures for greater strength. The advanced surface conditioning treatment finishes the twisted file surface while respecting the underlying grain structure. The result is a rotary NiTi endo file strong enough to cut ideal file paths confidently, yet flexible enough to do it efficiently. Dentists and Endodontists alike are discovering that with Twisted Files they are able to shape root canals safer, faster, more efficiently and with fewer files.
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