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Most COVID-19 patients in the ICU suffer from lung problems. Many with acute respiratory distress syndrome and associated pulmonary hypertension.

Arginine vasopressin offers an advantage over norepinephrine as vasopressor in those patients, as it does not constrict pulmonary arteries when administered early in septic shock.


Product Indication

Argipressin based vasopressor indicated for the treatment of catecholamine refractory hypotension following septic shock in patients older than 18 years.

A catecholamine refractory/resistant hypotension is present if the mean arterial blood pressure cannot be stabilized to >65 mmHg despite adequate volume substitution and application of catecholamines.


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient: 
Argipressin (also known as vasopressin, arginine-vasopressin, antidiuretic hormone) is a naturally produced human hormone for raising blood pressure and inducing water retention.

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