Embryo-transfer cannula 18 - 23 cm | Wallace™Classic Smiths Medical

Embryo-transfer cannula 18 - 23 cm | Wallace™Classic Smiths Medical
18 - 23 cm | Wallace™Classic

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The Wallace embryo replacement catheter, developed with the help of IVF, helps to maximise the success rates of pregnancy. It's main features include a damage reducing quality tip; the soft inner coat of its lumen easing embryo expulsion without any retainment; flexible outer surface as per individual human anatomy; centimeter calibration for assured positioning of embryos; hubs that are flush bonded and color coded; a wide range of available lengths; mouse embryo and USP endotoxin batch verified. The various advantages of the device include supple and smooth material; easy expulsion of embryos and minimum possibility of retention; accurate embryo placement; usage of the catheter in complicated transfers due to Stylet; adaptable to different anatomies; centimetre scalings; confident placement of the outer sheath required for the embryo-laden inner sheath to be well placed.
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