Electrosurgical electrode (arthroscopy) Richard Wolf

Electrosurgical electrode (arthroscopy) Richard Wolf
Richard Wolf

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Instrument Set for Hip Arthroscopy Perfectly designed for the specific, anatomical characteristics of the hip joint Arthroscopy has been a tool in standard orthopedic operations on many joints, for example the knee and shoulder joints, for many years. However, the surrounding musculature makes access to the hip joint much more difficult by comparison with the knee and shoulder joints. In recent years, a number of surgeons have refined hip-joint surgery and developed techniques which permit arthroscopic treatment of an increasing number of conditions associated with the hip joint. Hip-joint arthroscopy is a procedure which allows the joint cavity between the head of the femur and the socket of the hip bone (central compartment) to be inspected, as well as the rest of the joint cavity (peripheral compartment). Frequent indications for hip joint arthroscopy are free arthroliths in the hip joint, impingement of the hip joints, cartilage damage in the hip joint, disease of the joint mucus membrane in the hip joint, and damage to the acetabular labrum.
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