Electronic baby scale 6- 2 0 Kg | MBC Series KERN & SOHN

Electronic baby scale 6- 2 0 Kg | MBC Series KERN & SOHN
6- 2 0 Kg | MBC Series

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The product is confirmed in accordance with class III. According to 93/42/EEC, it has been certified for medical applications. Its tray is user-friendly and the device has a strong ABS plastic. This facilitates hygienic and simple sterilization. The rubber feet accounts for non-slip and safe placement. Its weighing mechanism is free from vibration. Vibrations are compartmentalized, in order to attain a steady weight, perfect for restless infants. The automatic data hold function of the device refers to the automatic freezing of the displayed weight for 10 seconds, when the weighing value is unaltered. Monitoring the weight gain accounts for storing the weight if the baby prior to nursing. Later, the weight is calculated by pressing a button. As per law, within the EU, official verification is compulsory for scales that are to be used as medical equipment. This factor should be included while placing order.
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