Electron probe microanalyzer EPMA-1720 Shimadzu

Electron probe microanalyzer EPMA-1720 Shimadzu

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EPMA-1720 is a highly accurate Electron Probe Microanalyzer that combines user-friendly operation with advanced technology to obtain optimum performance and results. The combined hardware and software provide advanced analytical capabilities including high-sensitivity from the optimum X-ray spectrometer design. Visualization is enhanced as both the SEM image and the microscope image appear on the same screen with incredible clarity. The beam current can be adjusted quickly and simply for an accurate automatic setting. Even when the beam is being altered, the device ensures that the focus is maintained by way of an interlocking control. With easy operational facilities for novices to be able to use, the EPMA-1720 also supports sophisticated analysis which experienced users will be able to interpret.
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