Electrolyte analyzer URIT-920 URIT Medical Electronic (Group)

Electrolyte analyzer URIT-920 URIT Medical Electronic (Group)

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URIT-920 Electrolyte Analyzer URIT-920 Electrolyte Analyzer provides fast accurate results for electrolytes, ionized calcium and pH. Specifications: - Display: 5.0 inch touch-screen TFT LCD - Sample position?25 positions - Measuring time: Support STAT test 40s (60s measuring time for sample introduction, measuring, cleaning and printing) - Sample volume: 100?L~150?L - Data storage: 10000, supporting automatic refresh, power-off protection and fuzzy query - Interface: RS-232, USB for software upgrade and Bluetooth Features: - Easy to use procedure with touch screen - It provides auto-sampling tray - Adopting unique technology to improve the performance of the electrodes - It provides closed integrated reagent pack to reduce biological pollution and improve the simplicity of operation - The accuracy of the parameter iCa and pH measurement will not be affected in different operating ambient temperature - Supporting bar code scanner and Bluetooth - Intelligent bubble detection - Liquid flow flushing: adopting wave theory, automatic gas-liquid piecewise flushing to reduce - Cross contamination and avoid clogging ?

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