Electro-stimulator (physiotherapy) / NMES / EMS / TENS Genesy 3000 Globus Italia

Electro-stimulator (physiotherapy) / NMES / EMS / TENS Genesy 3000 Globus Italia
Genesy 3000

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Over the recent years of our presence in the industry, Genesy 3000 is the jewel that belongs to a new Globus professional range incorporating the very best that Globus has developed in technology. This next Genre specialized electrical stimulator was industrialized after the efficacious accomplishment of a new hardware and software project which was made to implement its potential uses in the field of medical, rehabilitation and physiotherapy fields. The transformation of this remarkable unit is larger than the previous model and has an ergonomic design. It can be operated on both power supply and a battery. It can also be used in a fixed station or sometimes even as a portable unit. Our product that is the Genesy 3000 is the most fully equipped stimulator for treating pain, helping skin healing and treating neuromuscular dysfunctions. This product so well designed that it perfectly enables a more real and quicker recovery in sports for those athletes who have suffered injuries. But at the same time it also reduces the probabilities of new injuries. The sequences were premeditated specifically to resolve the post-traumatic acute stress disorder in patients after injuries.
  • Type of electrical stimulation:EMS, TENS, NMES
  • Type:electro-stimulator
  • Number of channels:4-channel
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Codogne (TV)
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