Electric ear syringe / warm and cold water ICS NCI-480 Otometrics

Electric ear syringe / warm and cold water ICS NCI-480 Otometrics

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The product ICS NCI-480 is a water caloric irrigator which provides easy, secure and appropriate caloric irrigation for vestibular testing. This product provides precise control of temperature, duration and flow rates and is built for incorporating with ICS Chartr 200 systems. Testing is made easy, safe and suitable by NCI-480 water caloric irrigator. Water is circulated continuously through the delivery tube and the need for purging water prior to stimulation is eliminated by the irrigation head. Stimulation is initiated by delivery head and foot switch, and is a done in right way. Extraordinary safety features are provided in order to protect patient from the risk of electrical shock and incorrect temperatures. PC-based ICS Chartr 200 VNG/ENG system is integrated with the device to provide the combination of caloric stimulation function with the pc-based VNG (Videonystagmography) and ENG (Electronystagmography) systems. Required warm or cool temperature can be selected by the program remotely. Recording is started by simultaneous test initiation.
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