Electric ear syringe / warm and cold air ICS AirCal Otometrics

Electric ear syringe / warm and cold air ICS AirCal Otometrics
ICS AirCal

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The ICS AirCal offers gold standard caloric irrigation. Confident caloric testing is achieved by combining the convenience and patient comfort of air, along with accurate water irrigation. Accurate stimuli with air is possible. Research proves that air temperatures at 24°C and 50°C are suitable for a comparable response as water irrigation. ICS AirCal heats and cools in the temperature range of 12°C to 50°C. The temperature is controlled at the tip of the delivery tube in order to maintain accuracy. It is stabilized in less than 60 seconds after start up. The tester is capable of efficient and accurate testing with the help of a superior delivery head and a tympanic membrane, which simplifies the delivery of stimulus. The device design is such like that it minimizes the learning curve for clinicians who use a water irrigator at present. ICS AirCal facilitates the irrigation function with Otometrics’ VNG/ENG systems, which enable clinicians to stay near the patient while completing the caloric test battery accurately.
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