Electric dental wax knife 240 V | Waxlectric I Renfert

Electric dental wax knife 240 V | Waxlectric I Renfert
240 V | Waxlectric I

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Waxelectric makes waxing-up simple, quick, accurate and stress free. Accurate setting up of temperature ensures the heat to evenly distributed at the instrument's tip. As the instrument and material does not require separate heating, it makes the entire waxing process simple and saves a huge chunk of valuable time. Only press of a button is required to quickly set the required temperature.The device permanently saves three temperatures per channel. The selected programme is clearly seen on the display. Since the separate heating of instrument and and material is not necessary, it save 20% of waxing time. In crown and bridge work when used with Vario E or Waxprofi in prosthetics, there is no requirement of separate heating f waxes which saves up to 50% of time. since the wax is prevented from over-heating or burning, there is no contraction of pattern.
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